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  Last Update: 10 March, 2004
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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does PrintSniffer use Port Monitors or change anything in Windows when installed?
    No. PrintSniffer does not use any type of Port Monitor. It does not change or replace anything in Windows.
  2. What operating system can PrintSniffer be installed on?
    PrintSniffer can be installed on 
    • Windows 95,  
    • Windows 98,  
    • Windows Me,  
    • Windows NT 4.0,  
    • Windows 2000,  
    • Windows XP,  
    • Windows 2003 Server or Workstation.
  3. What hardware is recommended?
     PrintSniffer application required for Install: 2 Mb HD Space
     Recommended: 256 RAM
     Recommended: Pentium 500 MHz or above
  4. Will PrintSniffer slow printing?
    There is no noticeable slowing of print jobs.
  5. What printers are supported?
    PrintSniffer handles any printers which work in Microsoft network.
  6. How is PrintSniffer licensed?
    The product is licensed per an office .
  7. Can PrintSniffer support multiple print servers?
    Yes, PrintSniffer can support hundreds of Print Servers.
  8. Does PrintSniffer support multiple domains?
    Yes, PrintSniffer supports multiple domains.
  9. What database does PrintSniffer support?
    The product when installed defaults to Microsoft Access database. It can be easily changed to run on:
    • Microsoft® SQL Server  
    • Oracle®  
    • IBM® DB2®  
    • Sybase®  
    • Informix®
     by using our creating table SQL script.
  10. Does the PrintSniffer software require anything be installed or running on the clients?
    PrintSniffer does not require that anything be installed on the clients. You have to install the application on the administrator or server computer.
  11. Does PrintSniffer run on Windows 2003 Server?
    Yes, PrintSniffer can run on Windows 2003 server.
  12. What reporting utility does PrintSniffer use?
     PrintSniffer has built-in report tool. All reports can be opned or exported as: 
    • Microsoft Excel  
    • HTML  
    • Tab-separated text  
    • XML
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