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  Last Update: 10 March, 2004
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What is new

10 March 2004 Advanced  PrintSniffer is released.

  • Added two more reports: Daily Printing and Monthly Printing
    Added "Clean up Database" feature
    Fixed couple bugs in the engine

8 February 2004 Advanced  PrintSniffer is released.

  • Fixed bug when printed job did not save to the database

5 January 2004 Advanced  PrintSniffer is released.

  • Added ability to create your report from text(flat) file
  • Some cosmetics changes
  • Price changed

7 December 2003 Advanced  PrintSniffer is released.

  • Improved core engine
  • Fixed the bug in the storing data to MS SQL Server
  • Fixed bugs in the report engine

17 November 2003 Advanced  PrintSniffer is released.

  • Added a notifications tool ( send notifications to administrator via e-mail, network message, sound )
  • Fixed bug in the reporting. Now you can create all reports
  • Updated the help file

06 October 2003 Advanced  PrintSniffer is released.

  • Added check-box in Reporting Tool - Open report after creation
  • Added new reporting format - MS Excel
  • Fixed date-bug in Reporting Tool
  • Changed Database format. Now We support MS SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, Interbase

02 September 2003 Advanced  PrintSniffer is released.

  • Added one option (Tab "Options") - Saving and restoring window appearance
  • Fixed a crash bug
  • Fixed a save/load setting's bug
  • Couple cosmetic's changes

02 March 2003 Advanced  PrintSniffer is released.

  • Fixed time bug
  • Added reporting tool

21 October 2002 Advanced PrintSniffer is released.

1 October 2002 This site is created.

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