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Introducing Advanced PrintSniffer

PrintSniffer is a software that allow system administrator to monitor and control printing in their corporate network. Versatile logging and reporting features allow for a clear view of what is being printed, how much paper is consumed, etc. In order to avoid vast printing expenses system administrators can setup alerts for themselves and finally limit employee's ability to print larger documents. Unless PrintSniffer is setup to limit printing, it works in undercover mode and cannot be detected. Future versions of PrintSniffer will allow to take into consideration contents of the documents printed and thus prevent employees from printing classified company's information and taking it home.

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Information about printing jobs
In real-time PrintSniffer displays the following information about printing jobs:

  • Name of the user who created the job;
  • User's computer name where the job was created;
  • When the job was created;
  • How many pages were printed;
  • How big in bytes were the document;
  • What application was used to print.

At the time PrintSniffer is a shareware. By paying just $98.99 fee you can unlock enterprise features of the program and avoid shareware prompt windows. PrintSniffer and beware what's going on!

New in Advanced PrintSniffer
  • New! Build-in a report tool;
  • New! Includes several different reports that detail user and print volume analysis.
  • PrintSniffer supports the sending of email notifications via the Simple Mail Transport Protocol (SMTP);
  • PrintSniffer works well with databases such as: Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, IBM DB2, Sybase, Informix, Microsoft Access through ODBC or ADO;
  • Watch so many printers simultaneously as you need;
  • Add Remote Printer or PrintServer;
  • PrintSniffer now offers improved performance.
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